The Defense of Moonscale's Home Land

Jornal Entry 24: The Wizard leads the party into and out of poop

After a difficult and messy battle we quickly cleaned ourselves off and ventured deeper into the sewers of Tinkerville, we have reached 5 levels deep into the complex and filthy catacombs and noticed that some of us are getting tired and need to rest soon so we stoped to decide where we would sleep for a while. Asha noticed some glowing mushrooms and moss that seemed to be cleaner and healthier than what we have seen before while venturing here and considers we should follow it in the hopes of finding a clean area we could camp at. I was also able to recall, from some maps of the sewer system I studied in the local library, an area close by in another path that is easily defensable and what I considered could be a safe place to rest without worrying about being caught off gaurd while sleeping.

After we all voted we decided to go down the path I sugested and thus I lead the way for a while until we reached the spot. While checking around the area we learned I was right about the area being defensable, unfourtunatly it has an army of troglights that already live there. While we decided to sneack away and go try the other path our Half-Orc Warrior (insert name) bumped into a small group of them, reterning from a hunt for food, that blocked our way out. We tried to kill them quick so we could escape without alerting the rest of their horde, but they proved tougher than we expected and their freinds were closing in on use quickly when one of them slipped through a side passage and warned the others of our presence. I was able to unleash a spell that kept the the group blocking our escape route distracted enough for all of us to quickly get past and run for our lives before the rest of them could swarm us. Now we’re on the run from an army and if we get out of this situation alive I don’t think I will be leading the group any time soon.



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