The Defense of Moonscale's Home Land

Jornal Entry 26: Battle of the Half Mechanical Gnomes

We have found the area the Druid Dwarf spoke, after observing the area a bit we have found strange gnomes that have some of their body parts replaced with gears and metal. They were garding the area feircly with mechanical weaponry and machine parts, they turned out to be surprisingly dangerous despite their size. After defeating them we captured and interigated one for answers and found we were close to the cause of the poisoning of the city since some strange acidic pools within the area was made from the aftermath of some experiment, we found out that a gnome artificer and his briliant aprentice have been working for a misterios figure in secret on some strange experiments while helping other gnomes who were abondoned down here by “improving” them so they might be accepted back into the city; the aprentice abandoned the cause and returned to live in the city when he noticed his master seemed to be losing himeself to madness as tho possesed in their experiments for the stranger.

We tried to convice the gnome we captured to lead us to the mad artificer however he had some douts of our ability since his group heard of our flight from the torghtlights and thought we may not be capable enough to stop his former master. So he pointed at a set of large rusted pipes and asked us to show our ability by destroying it, I Daniel Stormcrow was able to convince him with my “display” of power with my magic. Now we venture further in to confront the mad artificer for answers and to stop the poisoning of Tinkerville .



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