The Defense of Moonscale's Home Land

Jornal Entry 25: A Satyrs screw up and a deal with a Druid Dwarf

While running away and trying to escape a large group of troglights on our trail we meet a dwarf by the name of Thoradin Silverbeard who showed us a enchanted little area in an open cavern within the sewers that is safe to hide in and rest. while resting and talking with the dwarf we meet and made new allies, (insert character names) and learned of a strange gnome inventor who has been doing strange experiments deep within the sewers of Tinkerville.

While we all fully rested we learned that we were unseen in the little safe haven and undisterbed, but the satyr ate strange mushrooms and wandered off before the rest of us awoke. We found him druged out of his mind and being strangled by strange enchanted moss, we set most of it on fire to rescue him later to learn it was important means of defense for Thoradin Silverbeard and he demanded compinsation for wrecking it; thus we signed a contract that within 2 months time we repair the moss or aquire an extremly rare and posibly extinct magical mushroom to pay for the damages.


Great summary Rob keep up the good work and I really appreciate the add u provide with the session summaries so big thanks for this help.


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