The Defense of Moonscale's Home Land

In search of the lizard people

We travel East through the grasslands, departing from our friends the Goliath, towards a Minotaur settlement. On Route we are approached by a flying Lizard creature we have come across before. He has been searching for us to warn us that his lizard people are now divided and we should beware of the newest leader and his followers. We journey on until we arrive at the Minotaur settlement. After lengthy discussion we are lead by a Minotaur hunter in search of a 4 legged flying creature type who hunts the lizard people to the north. Leaving our Goliath companion in the Minotaur settlement to discuss a treaty with the Goliath peoples we head out. North through the grasslands and higher and higher elevation, the cold gets the better of our Minotaur guide who turns back, however directs us in the correct direction. After 1/2 a days travel we come across our new blue four legged/winged scaly friend named “WYRMY”. He leads us in the direction of the unsavoury lizard people into the mountains. Towards the end of the day we reach Wyrmy’s lair and take the opportunity to rest. We fabricate warmer wear from materials found in the lair and spend the night. Morning comes with the knowledge that we are very close to the lizard people we are in search of.



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