The Defense of Moonscale's Home Land

In search of the lizard people

We travel East through the grasslands, departing from our friends the Goliath, towards a Minotaur settlement. On Route we are approached by a flying Lizard creature we have come across before. He has been searching for us to warn us that his lizard people are now divided and we should beware of the newest leader and his followers. We journey on until we arrive at the Minotaur settlement. After lengthy discussion we are lead by a Minotaur hunter in search of a 4 legged flying creature type who hunts the lizard people to the north. Leaving our Goliath companion in the Minotaur settlement to discuss a treaty with the Goliath peoples we head out. North through the grasslands and higher and higher elevation, the cold gets the better of our Minotaur guide who turns back, however directs us in the correct direction. After 1/2 a days travel we come across our new blue four legged/winged scaly friend named “WYRMY”. He leads us in the direction of the unsavoury lizard people into the mountains. Towards the end of the day we reach Wyrmy’s lair and take the opportunity to rest. We fabricate warmer wear from materials found in the lair and spend the night. Morning comes with the knowledge that we are very close to the lizard people we are in search of.

Week One: Quest to find the Mushroom

The adventurers start in the town of Madavile. During their stay in the town they saw Oniel, the dargonborn who they rescued from evil. They asked one of the guards, who’s name was Hammerrock, where the drow town, Mesburand is. He told them that it was near a mine, which Foradin had the map to.

Jornal Entry 26: Battle of the Half Mechanical Gnomes

We have found the area the Druid Dwarf spoke, after observing the area a bit we have found strange gnomes that have some of their body parts replaced with gears and metal. They were garding the area feircly with mechanical weaponry and machine parts, they turned out to be surprisingly dangerous despite their size. After defeating them we captured and interigated one for answers and found we were close to the cause of the poisoning of the city since some strange acidic pools within the area was made from the aftermath of some experiment, we found out that a gnome artificer and his briliant aprentice have been working for a misterios figure in secret on some strange experiments while helping other gnomes who were abondoned down here by “improving” them so they might be accepted back into the city; the aprentice abandoned the cause and returned to live in the city when he noticed his master seemed to be losing himeself to madness as tho possesed in their experiments for the stranger.

We tried to convice the gnome we captured to lead us to the mad artificer however he had some douts of our ability since his group heard of our flight from the torghtlights and thought we may not be capable enough to stop his former master. So he pointed at a set of large rusted pipes and asked us to show our ability by destroying it, I Daniel Stormcrow was able to convince him with my “display” of power with my magic. Now we venture further in to confront the mad artificer for answers and to stop the poisoning of Tinkerville .

Jornal Entry 24: The Wizard leads the party into and out of poop

After a difficult and messy battle we quickly cleaned ourselves off and ventured deeper into the sewers of Tinkerville, we have reached 5 levels deep into the complex and filthy catacombs and noticed that some of us are getting tired and need to rest soon so we stoped to decide where we would sleep for a while. Asha noticed some glowing mushrooms and moss that seemed to be cleaner and healthier than what we have seen before while venturing here and considers we should follow it in the hopes of finding a clean area we could camp at. I was also able to recall, from some maps of the sewer system I studied in the local library, an area close by in another path that is easily defensable and what I considered could be a safe place to rest without worrying about being caught off gaurd while sleeping.

After we all voted we decided to go down the path I sugested and thus I lead the way for a while until we reached the spot. While checking around the area we learned I was right about the area being defensable, unfourtunatly it has an army of troglights that already live there. While we decided to sneack away and go try the other path our Half-Orc Warrior (insert name) bumped into a small group of them, reterning from a hunt for food, that blocked our way out. We tried to kill them quick so we could escape without alerting the rest of their horde, but they proved tougher than we expected and their freinds were closing in on use quickly when one of them slipped through a side passage and warned the others of our presence. I was able to unleash a spell that kept the the group blocking our escape route distracted enough for all of us to quickly get past and run for our lives before the rest of them could swarm us. Now we’re on the run from an army and if we get out of this situation alive I don’t think I will be leading the group any time soon.

Jornal Entry 25: A Satyrs screw up and a deal with a Druid Dwarf

While running away and trying to escape a large group of troglights on our trail we meet a dwarf by the name of Thoradin Silverbeard who showed us a enchanted little area in an open cavern within the sewers that is safe to hide in and rest. while resting and talking with the dwarf we meet and made new allies, (insert character names) and learned of a strange gnome inventor who has been doing strange experiments deep within the sewers of Tinkerville.

While we all fully rested we learned that we were unseen in the little safe haven and undisterbed, but the satyr ate strange mushrooms and wandered off before the rest of us awoke. We found him druged out of his mind and being strangled by strange enchanted moss, we set most of it on fire to rescue him later to learn it was important means of defense for Thoradin Silverbeard and he demanded compinsation for wrecking it; thus we signed a contract that within 2 months time we repair the moss or aquire an extremly rare and posibly extinct magical mushroom to pay for the damages.

Stone Tablets

1. The Entity has only one main enemy in his centuries long life, and has fought against him for decades without a clear victor. The Entity was rumored to always be worried that he would be not much better than his enemy if he outright killed him.

2. The Entity was always on the front lines when any major attack came from his enemy and was always a ferocious warrior fighting off these attacks, or so the legend has it. Most of the scholars agreed that the Entity’s enemy was after the resources and the population of this country, hence why he would always attack us in great force.

3. The Entity’s Champion was always rumored to share his beliefs and never outright kill the enemy, even when there were great opportunities to do so in many of encounters the Champion had with her Master’s enemy.

4. Rumors from the royal family said that the Entity and his Champion were searching the Country high and low for a group of heroes, not influenced by the views of the Entity and his Champion, to end the enemy’s reign of terror of the Entity’s people.

5. The Entity’s Champion was rumored to be a fair beauty of a woman and very righteous minded. She was said to be in control of very powerful magics and to travel with a cohort of strong allies. While visiting local towns, she always seemed to be alone. However, a few knew the truth of the matter; Her allies were always nearby to defend their mistress.

6. While in civilized areas, the Champion could always be seen taking large meals to the outskirts of the area, only to return a few hours later with empty dishes where food once lay. None could ever determine who exactly it was that consumed the food.

7. The Entity was poisoned during the last invasion attempt. For the next few years the Entity will be unable to assist in fighting off new attacks while recovering from the effects of the poison.

8. The Champion, while trying to find a quicker means of healing her Master’s body, came across an adventuring party battling one of the Enemy’s armies. She proceeded to aid the party and brought them to her Master in the hopes that this was the group of heroes that they had been searching for.

9. The Entity gifted the heroes with some magical trinkets to aid in their mission to destroy the Enemy, as well as some additional coin to spend while resupplying at the nearby town.

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