level:7 class:Avenger initiative:7 speed:6
23 ac
15 fort
18 ref
18 will
11 :str
13 :con
10 :dex
19 :int
19 :wis
8 :cha
hp:63 bloodied:31 surge value:15 surges/day:8
Race features:
-astral majesty
-astral resistance
-imortal origin
-memory of a thousand lifetimes
-avenging resolution
-improved initiative
-versatile expertise
-unarmored agility
common, draconic, elven
3 acrobatics
7 arcana
8 athletics
2 bluff
2 diplomacy
7 dungeoneering
4 endurance
7 heal
9 history
7 insight
2 intimidate
7 nature
12 perception
14 religon
8 stelth
2 streetwise
3 thievery

-magic items:
-supremely vicious greatsword +2
-sanuine vestments cloth aromer
-magic holy symbol +1

class/path/destiny featres:
-aromer of faith
-avenger’s censure
-censure of retribution
-channel divinity
-oath of enmity
-versatile expertise(heavy blade)
-versatile expertise(holy symbol)
at-will powers:
-bond of retribution
-radiant vengeance
encounter powers
-second wind
-memory of a thousand lives
-oath of enmity
-avenging echo
-abjure undead
-divine guidance
-halo of fire
-splinter the formation
daily powers:
-temple of light
-oath of consuming light
utility powers:
-avenger’s resolve
-oath of the relentless hunter



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