The Defense of Moonscale's Home Land

Stone Tablets

1. The Entity has only one main enemy in his centuries long life, and has fought against him for decades without a clear victor. The Entity was rumored to always be worried that he would be not much better than his enemy if he outright killed him.

2. The Entity was always on the front lines when any major attack came from his enemy and was always a ferocious warrior fighting off these attacks, or so the legend has it. Most of the scholars agreed that the Entity’s enemy was after the resources and the population of this country, hence why he would always attack us in great force.

3. The Entity’s Champion was always rumored to share his beliefs and never outright kill the enemy, even when there were great opportunities to do so in many of encounters the Champion had with her Master’s enemy.

4. Rumors from the royal family said that the Entity and his Champion were searching the Country high and low for a group of heroes, not influenced by the views of the Entity and his Champion, to end the enemy’s reign of terror of the Entity’s people.

5. The Entity’s Champion was rumored to be a fair beauty of a woman and very righteous minded. She was said to be in control of very powerful magics and to travel with a cohort of strong allies. While visiting local towns, she always seemed to be alone. However, a few knew the truth of the matter; Her allies were always nearby to defend their mistress.

6. While in civilized areas, the Champion could always be seen taking large meals to the outskirts of the area, only to return a few hours later with empty dishes where food once lay. None could ever determine who exactly it was that consumed the food.

7. The Entity was poisoned during the last invasion attempt. For the next few years the Entity will be unable to assist in fighting off new attacks while recovering from the effects of the poison.

8. The Champion, while trying to find a quicker means of healing her Master’s body, came across an adventuring party battling one of the Enemy’s armies. She proceeded to aid the party and brought them to her Master in the hopes that this was the group of heroes that they had been searching for.

9. The Entity gifted the heroes with some magical trinkets to aid in their mission to destroy the Enemy, as well as some additional coin to spend while resupplying at the nearby town.


Great summary Rob keep up the good work and I really appreciate the add u provide with the session summaries so big thanks for this help.

Stone Tablets

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